Why you should get a wireless XBox 360, a new wireless headset that’s a game changer

By now you’ve probably heard that Microsoft is planning to bring wireless Xbox 360 headsets to market in 2017.

The news was announced by the company’s chief technology officer Brad Smith in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

Smith said that Microsoft was working on wireless headsets for both home entertainment and gaming, and that the company was “pretty much at the point where we have a set of technologies, which are going to make the most sense for a home theater system.”

The XBox360 Wireless is a wireless headset made by XBox.

It will come with a standard HDMI port, but it will also have a built-in wireless antenna that will work with your Xbox 360 controller.

That antenna will allow it to work with Xbox 360 games that support wireless headsets.

This is the first wireless headset Microsoft has announced, and it’s a huge win for gamers.

This is going to be the next wave in the gaming headset market, and the wireless headset has a lot of potential to be a game-changer.

The XBlaze wireless headset, the first product Microsoft has ever announced, has been available in select markets since 2012.

It offers wireless compatibility, which is the ability to pair an Xbox 360 game controller with the headset and use the controller to control your Xbox games.

It also includes wireless audio streaming, which can allow you to stream Xbox games over your home network without worrying about interference.

It’s a significant improvement over the standard Xbox 360 wired headsets that were available in the U.S. for a while.

These headsets included a standard cable that you had to attach to the front of the headset, which meant that you needed to remove the headset itself from the console and install a special remote control.

The cable also included a headset cable that could also be used to connect to other devices.

This was annoying, since you had a cable attached to the Xbox 360 console that needed to be removed from the controller and attached to a separate device.XBlaze is a completely new wireless experience, and Microsoft has been looking to build the experience on top of wireless technologies.

The wireless headset comes with a built in wireless antenna, which lets you use it with Xbox games that have wireless headsets support.

The headset also comes with wireless audio.

This wireless audio has been a huge boon to gamers.

With Xbox games, wireless headsets are often used to make sure that you hear the music or sound effects of your favorite games.

The built-ins wireless antennas let you connect other wireless devices, like a game controller, to your Xbox, allowing you to play your Xbox game with a wireless gaming headset.

Microsoft’s wireless headsets will also be compatible with the new Xbox One console, which will be available in 2017 for $299.

The XBlazes wireless headset will cost $299, and its wireless audio will be $99.

If you’re a console gamer and are looking for a new gaming headset, Microsoft is definitely getting the wireless experience right, and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

This wireless headset is also the first in a series of wireless headsets that Microsoft has launched.

This will be Microsoft’s first attempt at wireless headsets with built- in wireless antennas.

Microsoft also announced that it was partnering with Google to bring a wireless game controller to the market, which the company hopes will make wireless gaming more accessible to more people.

This headset is one of the biggest surprises in the wireless headsets world.

If the XBlazer wireless headset can deliver wireless audio for gaming, then it should do the same for entertainment.

The wired headset on the other hand will only provide wired audio.

That means that you’ll need to buy a separate cable for the headset.

If wireless headsets don’t make sense for you, then the wireless XBlazers will probably not work for you.

But the wireless Xbox360 headset is a gamechanger for the Xbox gaming world.

Microsoft will be launching the XBLaze wireless headsets in a number of markets, including the United Kingdom, United States, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

If Microsoft can deliver this wireless headset to markets that it hasn’t announced yet, then this is going do the world a favor.

It is also going to open up a whole new market for Xbox gaming, which was largely ignored in 2016.

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