Why are India’s telecoms and internet firms still struggling?

India is a country of big telcos, big internet companies, and big telco employees.

The telecoms are mostly owned by the state-owned companies, while the internet giants have been the biggest beneficiaries of the country’s economic boom, enjoying a surge in cash flow and investments.

But the telecoms still struggle, with the state companies facing a glut of subscribers, slow network speeds and poor customer satisfaction.

Some of the biggest players in the telecom sector are state-run firms. 

In recent years, many of these big players have had to go public to raise money for acquisitions, but many are struggling.

The telcos and internet giants are still struggling.

(Associated Press) One of the big reasons is that the state telecoms do not have enough spectrum for broadband connections, and the state’s wireless networks are not up to the task of providing the bandwidth needed. 

The state-backed telecoms, which are responsible for delivering high-speed internet services, have been forced to buy their own spectrum.

This has led to an ever-widening gap between the quality of the service and the amount of money that telecom companies can make.

In a recent survey by the World Bank, more than half of the telecom companies said they were not confident in their ability to raise additional capital to expand their networks and expand services.

The state telecom minister, Suresh Prabhu, said in a statement that the government is working to bring in private equity and infrastructure companies to help the telecom firms to expand capacity and increase speeds.

India’s telcos have been able to buy up to 20 per cent of their spectrum for a fee.

But this does not seem to be enough.

In recent weeks, telecom operators have begun to take out more loans to cover the shortfall.

“The banks are helping the telcos by buying up a lot of spectrum.

However, the issue is that there is a huge gap between what the telcos have to offer and the quality that the telcoms can deliver,” said a telecom industry source.

 “The telco is doing a good job, but they are also under pressure from the government and regulators.

The telcos are still being asked to make more money, but the government wants them to do a better job.

If they do not, the telcos will go under,” the source added. 

As the industry has been struggling, so has the telecom industry.

The government has been demanding telcos to give more money to cover spectrum costs, and it has been encouraging telecom companies to increase their capital requirements.

But so far, the companies have been unwilling to take on such extra money.

Some telcos still insist on making large cash payments to investors in exchange for the right to buy the spectrum, which could be a sign that the telecom operators are not happy with their financial situation.

Last year, a top executive of one of the major telcos was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to bribery in a case that has been ongoing for nearly three years. 

This month, a former executive of a company called Infosys was sentenced for embezzlement and money laundering for allegedly embeaching public funds. 

But in the past few months, some of the companies, including Reliance Communications, have come out of the financial crisis.

Reliance’s chief executive Vishal Sikka, who was also accused of embeazlement, announced on Twitter that he was stepping down from his post.

Reliance’s board of directors voted on Sunday to remove him from the company.

Reliant Communications chief executive Bhaskar Jain said that the board would look into all options and if necessary, terminate the company’s relationship with Reliance.

Relais, which owns more than 20 per one of India’s leading telecoms operators, was also taken to court last month by the Enforcement Directorate.

It is not clear if the company will be able to repay the money that was paid to Reliance, though Jain told Reuters that it was not his intention to repay money to the telecom operator.

There are also rumours that Reliance may have to pay its debt to a state-controlled bank.

The banks, which have not yet recovered all of their losses from Reliance in the crisis, are now worried that they will not be able do so.

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