What’s happening at the Oscars?

ROME, Italy — A new Italian film, directed by the Academy Award-winning film-maker Francesco Bertolucci, premiered in the Rome Film Festival on Sunday, bringing together the world’s top directors and stars for an event that is expected to attract more than 50,000 attendees.

The film, The Other Side of the Door, follows the life of an immigrant from the former Soviet Union who has become a refugee in Italy after the country’s war with the Communist bloc in 1991.

The film was based on the memoirs of an unnamed Italian immigrant who was granted asylum in the United States after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Italian film festival also awarded the award for best foreign language film, alongside the French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese films that won best film.

Bertolucci was nominated for the best foreign-language film award, but his film won the prize for best documentary.

“We are delighted to be honored by the Italian film community,” said Bertoluci, who has been involved in the film industry since he was a teenager.

“It’s an honor to have such an amazing community supporting us and I think that the festival is a wonderful place to celebrate this.

We were very fortunate to be able to work with a number of top directors, who have a long history in Italy.”

The director is currently in the process of shooting his next film, which will be released in 2018.

“The Other Side is a story that combines the joys of being a child, growing up in the country, and then moving on to the world.

It’s also about love, loss, and the challenges of living in a country that’s so different from us,” he said.

“When we started the project, we knew that we wanted to tell a story in Italian, so we were also working with Italian film schools, and I knew there would be some good directors there who would be able and willing to collaborate with us.”

“It’s a beautiful film,” said the film’s star, Francesco Giannini, a leading figure in Italian film.

“The movie will be very different from the usual Italian film festivals, because it will be set in the middle of the Cold War and it’s a story of love and friendship.”

The film is a follow-up to a 2014 film that won the best film award at the Venice Film Festival.

In that film, Giannino, who won the Academy award for Best Actor for The Revenant, plays an immigrant who immigrates to the United Kingdom.

He returns to his native country in order to protect his daughter, who was kidnapped in Italy in the 1950s.

Giannetti said he was inspired to make The Other Half of the Dreamer after his daughter was kidnapped and he became involved with the Italian anti-communist movement in the late 1960s.

The Other Half Of the Dreamers, which won Best Director, was produced by Italian film director Gianluca Giannato, who is currently producing a documentary about his daughter’s life.

He also directed a film called La Dolce Vita, which was released in 2017.

Giannato said the story was important to him, because his daughter and his wife were kidnapped and imprisoned in the former communist countries.

“It was very important to me that this film was about love and a person’s story,” he explained.

“We know a lot about the families and the lives of those people, but we really want to tell the story of how this family came together and how they became friends and eventually became a family.

It is a beautiful story.”

Giannatto, who also directed two films about Italian immigrants in the 1940s, said he’s currently working on a new film.

“I’m writing a new version of the story, but I want to show it in a way that’s very simple, but still interesting, because we need to get people to see the film and understand it,” he added.

“I’m also writing a novel about the time that my daughter was taken.

I hope that it will help the film to come out as well as it has come out.”

The festival has also selected the winners of the two films that received the best documentary award.

The first, La Dolca, was made in partnership with the U.K.-based documentary film festival the Royal National Film School.

The second, La Sombra, was created by the award-winning filmmaker Jean-Marc Lachance, who’s also the producer of the film La Dolci.

The winners were announced on Sunday.

“In this film, we see a beautiful, unique family, but the real magic comes from the love between the father and daughter,” said Lachage, who directed the film with Francesco Domenico Giannati.

“You are really in the shoes of this beautiful family.

They are the most extraordinary and beautiful people.

This is the story that you are going to see in the documentary.”

Lachance and G

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