Trump to make $500,000 donation to a local school board for his first major project

President Donald Trump is set to make a $500-million donation to the local school boards of his hometowns in a bid to help raise money for the first time in his presidency.

The $500 million donation from the president’s own pocket will come at a time when local schools in some of his home states have been struggling.

The money will be used to fund the first of Trump’s two major projects, which are to construct and operate new schools in the city of New York, according to a news release from Trump’s transition team.

“This will be the largest contribution to a school board in New York State, and it is an exciting opportunity for the local community to benefit from this first investment in our city,” Trump said in a statement.

Trump will donate $500m to the New York City schools in a $50m gift to the city from the White House.

The president has pledged to make at least $200m in the next five years to fund education, infrastructure, and other projects.

The Trump Foundation said in the statement that the funds would be used “to provide critical services for the benefit of students, families, educators and all New Yorkers.”

The announcement comes as Trump’s administration is facing criticism over its handling of the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Trump has faced criticism for not doing more to help in the wake of the shooting, and has also come under fire for his failure to offer any immediate help to victims of the violence.

A separate White House statement said that “The Trump Foundation will make a contribution to the City of New England Public Schools in New Haven, Connecticut, to help meet the needs of students in need.

We will also work with the New Haven School Board to create an additional $50,000 in funding for the next school year to be used by the city’s first grade classrooms.”

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