PC gamers may be able to buy an ‘electric’ mouse

The PC gaming community may soon have a new way to enjoy games without spending an enormous amount of money on an expensive mouse.

A new tool has been developed to help gamers buy an “electric” mouse without buying a separate mouse.

The technology is called the “Electrode” and it uses an electrochemical process to create a solid state magnetic field.

This means the electrode can be used to replace the traditional mouse pad when the user is not using it.

Electrodes are now available in a range of sizes and styles to help make the transition from mouse to gamepad easier.

The Electrode has the advantage of being able to be made in smaller quantities and at a lower price point than a standard mouse pad.

It is currently available in two sizes: 3.5mm and 4.5 mm.

This is an image of a 5.5″ Electrodes, which is a smaller size.

Electroses are currently available for sale in a variety of sizes, but the ElectroDe has a price tag of around $25.

The device is made from high-quality materials and can be assembled to create the Electronem.

Electronem are typically used in gaming consoles, but they are becoming increasingly popular with the PC gaming market.

Electrons are also used to charge gaming devices.

Electronic gaming devices are being used by many professional gamers to capture their attention during gameplay.

The ability to control your mouse using an Electrode, however, makes it easier for the gamer to capture a quick, quick-firing shot.

The Electronic Gaming Device (EGD) is also an accessory for gaming, and has become one of the most popular accessories on the market.

The new Electrode can now be used in conjunction with the Electrode Controller and is compatible with both the Pro Controller and the Pro Gaming Mouse.

This image shows the Electrotech in action.

Electrotechs are essentially small batteries that can be attached to the back of a mouse to power up the device.

Electreem have been in the gaming industry for more than 15 years, but have yet to make a commercial impact.

They have proven to be popular with gamers who prefer the convenience of a gaming mouse.

It is also important to note that a number of professional gamers are using the Electrodes as a replacement for a mouse pad, which means that the ElectoDesk is also compatible with other gaming devices like mouse pads.

The Electrode is available for purchase on the ElectroDesk website and for $29.99.

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