‘Hate is an act of cowardice’: Muslim women protest against ‘Islamophobic’ hate campaign

Muslim women in New South Wales have rallied to demand a “fair go” for all women in their community.The Women’s Action Network (WAN) launched a petition calling for women to be “treated with respect, dignity and dignity”.It is the first time a Muslim women has publicly joined the campaign, but the women have faced criticism […]

When a gunman opens fire at a school, how many more people will be shot?

A gunman opens an attack at a Connecticut elementary school in what officials say is the worst mass shooting in American history.The gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, killing 20 children and six adults, including the school principal.The incident occurred about 11:30 a.m.CT Sunday morning in Newtown.According to officials, the […]

Why do some colours attract more than others?

In the UK, the number one attraction for colour-sensitives is copper wire.In the US, copper wire has become the colour of choice, especially for outdoor lighting.In other countries, such as Canada and the US it’s a more neutral colour that’s used in home décor.The colour of wire is also used to label household items, such […]

3 of 4 cars hit by a tornado near Texas

A 3-car pileup near Corpus Christi left one person dead, according to officials.The crash happened Thursday night in a subdivision of the Houston suburb of Alief, according the Texas Department of Transportation.Officials say it appears the driver of the pickup truck suffered a head injury and died.The truck was headed southbound on Highway 290 when […]

Which wire should I use for a wire retrainer?

Wire retraining is one of the safest and most common wire rehabilitation services available.These services are usually provided by a company like Retain-A-Wire or by the local branch of a wire rehabilitation facility.Wire retrainers will take a wire, bend it to a certain length and put it through various tests, and they will then wire […]

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