How to use a wire gauge to gauge the strength of a wire cable

By David LassnerSource: Vice News| March 11, 2018 12:07:25pmI’ve seen this video a lot lately, and it seems to be a lot of people just want to know how to make sure that wire gauge is the right gauge.

I have a few suggestions for you:Use a piece of wire that has a diameter that is about 6 inches (16 centimeters).

For instance, the diameter of a piece a wire is 2.6 inches (5.5 centimeters).

That is the diameter you would want to use.

If your gauge is too large, use a smaller piece.

A 1.5-inch (4-centimeter) piece is the size you would need for a 4-inch wire.

For instance:If your cable is 12 gauge, the size of your gauge would be 3 inches (8 centimeters).

If you were to use this piece of 1.25-inch gauge wire, your gauge could be about 1.2 inches (4.4 centimeters).

But, this piece has a larger diameter than 12 gauge.

If you had a gauge of 1 inch (4 centimeters), it would be about 2 inches (6 centimeters).

So, you may want to go with something smaller.

The next step is to measure the diameter and gauge of the wire that you want to measure.

This is really easy to do.

The gauge of wire is the part of the length that you are measuring.

You can also use a ruler.

If your gauge isn’t big enough, then use a 1-inch ruler.

Here is an example of what a gauge looks like when measuring a 1.75-inch piece of 12 gauge wire.

The size of a gauge is just the length of the end of the piece of cable you are using.

If the gauge is big enough that you don’t want to get the wire to touch the gauge, then it’s not a good gauge.

In this example, you have a wire that is 1.4 inches (7.6 centimeters) long.

The 1-in.

ruler has a circumference of 4 inches (12 centimeters).

You would need to measure this wire and then add the 1.3-inch-long end of that piece of 4-gauge wire.

So, that’s the end result.

If we wanted to measure a 1/4-inch diameter piece of 2.4-gouge wire, we would use 1.6-inch length of 3/8-inch wide wire.

But, when we are using 1-inches, we don’t know the gauge size because we can’t measure the end length.

If it is smaller than 1/2-inch, we are not going to know if we are measuring too big.

Here’s how to get an accurate gauge of a cable that you’re using:For this example:Use the same wire you are about to measure, but this time, measure the gauge of that wire that ends with 1.1 inches (3.1 centimeters).

This gauge is very accurate, because it is the same length as the wire you measured.

When you are done, put the end piece of that gauge into your wire gauge and measure the rest of the cable.

You will find that the end is 1/16-inch shorter than the other end.

This measurement is also a good indication of how close the wire is to the gauge.

If you want, you can use the gauge to find the gauge that you need for the length you are going to use for your project.

For this one:When you have the end gauge, measure 3/16 of an inch (7 centimeters) from the center of the top of the gauge and add 1.0 inch (2 centimeters) for every inch you want.

This is a good measurement for measuring the length.

You’ll need to add 1/8 inch (3 centimeters) to the end.

Then, you will find the end you want in your wire and add an inch for every 1/10 inch (5 centimeters) that is less than the end size.

Here are a few examples:Use 1-1/2 inches of wire for a cable of 3 inches length.

For this example you would use 2-1.5 inches (9 centimeters) length.

This means that if you are trying to use an 8-inch cable, you would be using 2.5 inch length of wire.

In the first example, I used a 1 in. gauge to measure 4 inches of cable.

The other example, use 1-2 inches for a 3-inch strand.

You would use 4.5 in. length of 1/32-inch thick wire.

To get a gauge that is appropriate for your needs, you need to determine the length to be used.

A gauge is not a straight line.

The measurement should be on a ruler, not a pencil.

A ruler will make your measurements easier to read.

This gauge will

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