Hogwire panels from new PNC wire transfer unit to be sold at auction

By Simon WiesenthalThe Wire (UK), September 12, 2018 11:38:12The new Pnc Wire Transfer Panel is the latest in a series of high-tech, wire-free solutions to save money and keep electricity bills low. 

The company says that, with the PNC Wire Transfer Unit (WPTV), it is the first to sell all of its PNC products on an open market.

The WPTVs are available in three models.

The first, the 6-inch model, is a standard wire transfer product.

The second, the 8-inch, is an electronic-card-carrying product.

And the last, the 12-inch (31cm) model is a high-speed product.

This means that customers can now take advantage of the Pnc service to avoid a £100 annual service charge.

The PNC product, like most PNCs, comes with a £500 (€560) “service charge” which, according to the company, is “deducted from the purchase price.”

The service charge is waived if the customer buys the product directly from the company.

This means that the customer does not have to pay for a full PNC service to use the WPTV, which saves consumers £100 ($120) annually.

This also means that PNC customers can buy the product on their own and keep their bill down.

It also means the customer can buy it without paying a service charge and keep the cost down.

The WPTV is the cheapest of the new PNL products.

It also means customers can save on the monthly electricity bill by purchasing the product in the winter months.

A picture of the 6 inch model is shown.

The 6- and 8- inch versions of the WPtv are shown on the left.

The 12- and 12- inch models are shown at the top.

The customer pays the £100 service charge when they buy the WPt and they keep it for 12 months.

The customer can pay it again when they have to leave the UK and the WP is no longer needed.

The company says the WP TVs cost £1,800 for the six-inch and £1.60 for the eight-inch versions.

The company also offers a £30 (€40) prepaid service charge which means customers are able to use their money to buy a device with a free PNC.

Customers who buy the service charge for the WP tv can keep the device for up to three years and the company says they can use the £30 to buy other WPTV products from the UK.

Customers can also get free phone calls from the PNL if they want to make an emergency call or text an emergency message.

It is also possible to buy the PNT (paid service) product and pay £30 for it.

PNC says that its new products are “an important part of the business that we offer to the UK”.

The company said it was making these products available to customers for free as part of a broader strategy to lower the company’s electricity bills.

According to PNC, the company has sold over 1.5 million WPtvs since the start of 2017.

If you are considering a PNC purchase, you may want to visit the Pnt.com website to find out more about PNC’s services.

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