‘Cocktail dog’ toys are just a couple of things that can change a dog’s life

WireDog is a Bluetooth-connected device that can turn any dog into a fully-functioning cocktail dog. 

The gadget is being developed by the Dutch company L-Lab and is available for purchase in the Netherlands. 

WireDog is designed to turn any companion animal into a cocktail dog with its own radio and sensor. 

It can also detect when the owner is talking on the phone, and can then be programmed to respond in a variety of ways. 

A device that works with a dog in real timeWireDog has a sensor, which detects the temperature of the dog’s paws, and then an accelerometer, which calculates the speed and direction of the device’s movement. 

Once the sensor detects the paws are touching, it will automatically turn on the radio. 

If it detects the dog is moving too slowly, the accelerometer will then start counting down to zero, so the dog can start to run away. 

“The idea is that the dog becomes a cocktail-drinking machine, and the radio can tell the dog what’s going on,” says Dirk de Graaf, head of the project at L-lab. 

The device is also designed to track the dogs health and the health of the owners pets. 

You can use the gadget to play fetch or snuggle with your dog.

WireDog also has sensors that can detect the dogs heart rate, skin temperature and breathing rate. 

And it can tell your dog to sit on the couch, or climb up on the table. 

With a few clicks, it can even be programmed with commands to get the dog to do a specific action. 

In fact, there is even an option to tell the device to play a game called “Play-N-Snuggle”. 

Wiredog is being marketed as a product that can help pets that have a range of health issues, such as arthritis or asthma, and is also used by pet owners to teach their dogs to be social. 

But the product has also been designed to be used by pets who are not ready for an active lifestyle, such a dog that needs a bit of reassurance from the owner. 

De Graaf says: “In order to teach our dogs to socialise, we need to make sure they have a certain amount of time and some space. 

To do this, we use Bluetooth. 

We know that dogs love to socialize, but we want them to be able to do it for a longer period of time.”

WireDog will work with the dog owner to make the dog more sociable and the owner to teach the dog.

There is also a separate Bluetooth version for dogs that are too small to wear the device. 

For those that need to get their hands on a larger dog, the Bluetooth version can also be used to get a better signal. 

There is a version of the product that is available with a special sensor that can read the position of the owner’s fingers. 

As for the final product, the company has decided to make it available to everyone, and there are plans to launch a retail product in the future. 

So what is a cocktail? 

“There are many different kinds of cocktails, and a cocktail can include a lot of different ingredients,” says de Graaff. 

He says that WireDog will be available to all pets that are over five years old. 

One of the things WireDog can do is give a dog the opportunity to learn to socialate in a new way. 

This is not something that has been done before, but the company is trying to introduce a new generation of socialising toys to the world. 

Other toys such as dogs biscuits, and even an ice cream bar are available, as well as toys for people to give their dogs. 

When you are in the lounge, your dog can sit on a chair in the same way that you would sit in a lounge chair. 

Then when the dog gets into the lounge and starts talking to you, you can go and have a drink with your canine friends. 

Wired is a US-based company that specialises in technology, entertainment, news and lifestyle. 

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