Chicken wire lowe’s lowes brewery to close next year

Hi wire Brewing, which specializes in sour beers, announced plans to close this fall.

The brewery, located at 1419 S. State St., closed on Wednesday after 20 years.

It will be replaced by a new operation.

In a news release, Hi wire Brewery Founder and Owner Joe Smith said the closure will mean “an enormous amount of stress” on the brewery’s staff.

Hi wire Brewery co-founder, Brian Richey, said in a statement that Hi wire is excited to have the opportunity to start over, but it’s “not easy.”

Hi wire opened in 2013, and has expanded to a larger facility on State St. Hi wire’s brewpub, located in the old West End location, will also be shut down.

Hi-wire’s beers include the Hoosier Sour Wheat, a saison-style wheat ale, Hoosiers IPA, a citrus-forward IPA, Hoosey Pale Ale, a pale ale and the Hop Farm Porter.

Hiwire is owned by two brothers, Josh and John Smith, who bought the brewery in 2013.

They plan to start a second brewery in the coming years.

The news of Hi wire closing comes just weeks after the closure of the Hi-Wire Brewing Company in the city of East Cleveland.

The former Hi-wire location, which opened in 1996, closed in December and was replaced by another new brewery, which closed in June.

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