A barbed wire fence will be erected at the Queensland coast to keep asylum seekers off the Queensland mainland

Posted October 06, 2018 06:17:36 The Government is planning to erect a barbed-wire fence along the Queensland coastline in a bid to keep migrants off the mainland.

Key points:Prime Minister says the move will keep migrants on the mainland and reduce border tensions with the Northern TerritoryThe Government says it will also keep asylum seeker arrivals off the NSW-Queensland border.

The Government has also confirmed it will install a temporary fence around the Darwin airport.

“We’ve heard concerns from the community and our first priority is keeping people off the coast of Queensland,” Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said.

“The Government is making a number of decisions that will reduce the risk of further human-smuggling across our border and reduce the flow of people and refugees into our state.”

The Government will have two fences on the Northern, Queensland and New South Wales borders, as well as two fences at the Darwin Airport.

“If the Government believes that the best response is to have two barriers, we will have the two fences,” Mr Dutton told ABC Radio Darwin.

“So that means if there’s an increase in human smuggling along the Northern border, there will be an increase on the border between Queensland and NSW.”

The border fence is due to be up by the end of the year.

It will be the first time Australia has had a fence along its northern border since the arrival of more than 4,000 people from the Middle East in 2015.

In recent years, the Government has struggled to deal with an influx of people, mainly refugees and asylum seekers, to the northern border.

Mr Dutton says the fences will be temporary.

“There’s a very clear and well-defined boundary that we’re building, and we have to maintain,” he said.

He says the fence will keep people on the outer mainland and prevent them from getting into the country illegally.

“I would say we’re not going to have the fence down in the near future,” he added.

Mr Turnbull says the plan to build the fences was “not only the right thing to do for Australia, it’s the right policy for Australia”.

He said there was a “very clear and strong” case for the border fences to be built.

“But it will be a matter for the Government, the Federal Government, to decide,” he told the ABC.

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